School Leadership


Waymond Williamson III, School Director

My name is Waymond Williamson III and I am the Director of Randall Park High School. My journey in education has been rewarding, but also came with its own special set of twists and turns. My first four years in education saw me teaching 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and then 8th grade. The following year I moved on to high school. Due to these grade level changes, I have never taught the same lesson twice. This has caused me to constantly study to find new and innovative ways to captivate the minds of my students. Transitioning into the director role has put me in the position to make major decisions that directly impact the community I grew up in. From assisting gifted students with unique needs to helping opportunity youth reach unimaginable goals, years of servitude have brought me right here to North Randall. Let’s go to work!


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